Book 1 and Book 2…

Well hello. It’s been a while.

There is definitely News, though. I’ve been hiding away for a couple of years, buried in babies and finishing my second novel, Scabby Queen, which I’m still amazed to be able to announce will come out in April 2020 with one of my all-time favourite publishing houses, 4th Estate. Expect me to be plastering yer social media with the front cover as soon as we have it finalised.

Meanwhile, Fishnet is off having a second life in the US and Canada, where the razor-sharp wee Simon & Schuster imprint Scout Press is publishing it in a beautiful new neon-glowing hardback edition. It’s out there from 15 October 2019 – I can’t get over how much of a looker it is. My name embossed and everything!

Other top secret projects being worked on right now – more later as soon as I can (and as soon as I remember to update the website. Sorry).

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