Fishnet wins Not The Booker Prize!

I am stunned, shocked, and absolutely delighted to be able to announce that Fishnet won The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize this morning. I’d like to extend huge thanks to everyone who participated in the public vote, and to the judging panel for being so complimentary about the book. Here’s the judging panel live!

I was up against some incredible books by brilliant authors. I haven’t read my way through the whole shortlist yet, but Shame by Melanie Finn, Things We Have In Common by Tasha Kavanagh, The Good Son by Paul McVeigh and The Artificial Anatomy of Parks by Kat Gordon are all excellent and worth your time. The other two are A Moment More Sublime by Stephen Grant and Dark Star by Oliver Langmead, both of which got excellent reviews from The Guardian and the public.

Kat, Tasha, Paul and I did a Not The Booker live event in London on Saturday night, at the bloody lovely Big Green Bookshop, where I may very well be ordering my books from from now on. It was an absolute pleasure to share a platform with three such talented writers. Wine was drunk and laughter occurred.


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