Book groups and book jams

This has been a very strange couple of months. I’ve been talking about Fishnet, and getting into some great, interesting discussions about sex work and sex workers’ rights everywhere from Clydebank Library (their brilliant Booked! festival is well worth a look) to BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Things are slowly drifting back to normal now. I’ve got a lot of readings at various locations all over the country coming up – first off, the Brixton Bookjam, Fictions of Every Kind in Leeds and Manchester’s Bad Language. All the dates right here.

Secondly, my publishers have put together a book group guide for Fishnet – loads of interesting questions to think about (all spoilers, though – don’t read through if you haven’t read the book!). They’ll also do a discount if the whole book group buy their copies together, which seems like a pretty good deal to my (admittedly sleep-addled) brain.

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