Deathmatches and downloads

Two little things to do with Cargo Publishing. First off, they’ve just pioneered the e-book/ print on demand service, launching two excellent books by Innes-approved writers. You can download Simon Sylvester‘s 140 Characters, a

My phone. Not the world's sharpest camera.

collection of Twitter-sized flash fiction, here, and a playscript/audio version of Alan Bissett‘s The Moira Monologues here (I thiiiink you can toggle between the written word/dulcet tones at will).

Secondly, DEATHMATCH. May not contain actual death. I really hope it doesn’t. Cargo Publishing authors are taking on Chemikal Underground as part of the Let’s Get Lyrical project.

Sunday 27 February, The Caves, Edinburgh 8pm.

RED CORNER! Novelists Rodge Glass, Doug Johnstone, the aforementioned Bissett, poet Ryan Van Winkle, and ‘new talent’ Kirstin Innes*.

BLUE CORNER! Lord Cutglass, Emma Pollock, and as-yet-unconfirmed muso masseev.


I’m terrified. More info about how to witness my terror live, here.

*Apparently I need to have my name in as many posts as possible to boost my Google ratings. I may blog exclusively in the third person this month.

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